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We warned you bout the extreme fun, learning and great experiences that the Under 25 Summit 2017 had to offer. Spanning over 4 days and multiple venues the summit was focused on Tech, Design, Food, Music and Edutainment. For everyone who missed being a part of India’s largest Youth Festival, here are 25 of the best experiences.

1. Sound Circuiting Workshop

Discussing about sound and music, Aditya Nandwana definitely got the audience to think and share their views about music.

2. Augmented Dance

Watching Laura Kriefman dance was surreal and left ...

Meet Niranjana Iyer, an extremely strong and young woman hiding beneath the normalcy of a regular 19-year-old. One cannot be anything but intrigued by an individual who balances her hectic college schedule with the demanding routine of her Zumba classes and her modelling shoots. When asked about how she does it all and does it so well, she says, “I don’t really believe in ‘balance’. Many have asked me this question before and I’ve always said that living in the present helps the most. Whatever you have got planned for the day, give it your all and focus ...